How Do I Update AVG Manually?

Published: 08th June 2011
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AVG is a protection program that is intended to ensure that your computer system remains free from malicious and dangerous codes. This particular software application comes in both free and commercial version. Both offer optimum protection with the main difference being the commercial version is equipped with more features and functionalities.

There are currently a number of antivirus programs in the computer market all of which claim to provide the utmost protection for the host computer system. The effectiveness and functionality of these products however rely heavily on how updated their virus database is. In the case of AVG, it is equipped with a facility that allows the host machine to communicate with a remote server where the updated virus definition files are stored. In some instances the update server may not be online for some reason which will cause the updating process to fail.

To manually update your AVG antivirus program:

Step 1: If you are not yet connected to the Internet, do so.

Step 2: Open your browser and go to the AVG homepage. Navigate to the Software Update section. Make sure that it contains the update for the AVG version that is installed in your computer system.

Step 3: The virus definition update file normally starts with the letters AVI and followed by a series of numbers. Always download the latest update that corresponds to your version. Click the link to initiate the download process.

Step 4: Save the virus definition file in your hard drive. Take note of the download location, you will need this later for the actual updating process.

Step 5: When the download is completed, double click on the AVG icon in the taskbar to bring up the main AVG window. Select the option Tools and click on the Update from Directory command.

Step 6: Navigate to the directory folder where you saved the downloaded virus definition file. Click the OK button after selecting the correct file.

Step 7: Choose the Update Now option to allow AVG to initiate the update process. Make sure that the updating continues to completion.

Step 8: Upon notification of the successful completion of the update, your virus definitions are now in place and your AVG remains effective. Initiate a system scan to make sure that no malicious files have been installed when your software application was not yet updated.

Separately to updating the AVG antivirus program, it is also critical to remove any junk files in your PC in order to further recover hard drive space. One particular product called PowerSuite 2011 does this automatically. It is a combination of 3 products; Registry Booster 2011, Speed Up My PC 2011 and DriverScanner. These 3 products improve the PCs performance tremendously and prevent the intricate manual labour.

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